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How to do an action research in education

 What is an action research?

Action research is a philosophy and methodology of research generally applied in the social sciences. It seeks transformative change through the simultaneous process of taking action and doing research, which are linked together by critical reflection. – wikipedia

Action Research is a classroom or school -based systematic inquiry and reflection specifically conducted to improve educational practices or resolve problems in classrooms and schools. – Deped

 Why do we need to do action research in classroom?

Action research generates knowledge around inquiry in practical educational contexts. Action research allows educators to learn through their actions with the purpose of developing personally or professionally. Due to its participatory nature, the process of action research is also distinct in educational research.

 How many points you will get if you have an action research for promotion?

How to do an Action Research
PAPSI wants to invite teachers to a PAPSI Webinar about Action Research: Developments, Characteristics, & Future Directions on September 8, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
Resource Speaker:
Dr. Marie Paz E. Morales
Full Professor
Director of Publication Office
Philippine Normal University, Manila
Note: This is an exclusive Zoom meeting.
Registration Link:
Php 800 for new members (membership fee of P500 is included here)
Php 300 for active members (registration fee only)
Need a personalized invitation letter?
Register now and we’ll send it to your email address.
What you will get:
* Certificate of Participation
* Acknowledgement Receipt
* Copy of Module
* Copy of Webinar Recording
* Zoom link
plus, those new members or those who renewed their membership will also receive the following:
* Certificate of Membership
This webinar is for basic and higher education teachers who intend to conduct action research as a professional development strategy.

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