Have you marked your calendars for the informing Hybrid and Hyflex Learning with Evidence-Based Practices Webinar Series starting April 5, 2022? Mark them now!
Learn from education experts, academic leaders, and outstanding educators on how to design, implement, and sustain hybrid/hyflex learning programs as we continue to thrive in the new normal. To be eligible for the 6 CPD credit units, ensure you attend all the 6 live sessions and accomplish the evaluation form to be pinned on the Comments section every session.
👉 Check out the schedule on this link so you won’t miss it: bit.ly/HybridHyflexLearningSchedule
See you there!

How to be eligible for the 6 CPD units. Read the instruction below.

Canada is hiring teachers

Canada is hiring Filipino Teachers

Canada is hiring Filipino Teachers Both public and private sector teachers are “underpaid,” and many are searching for new job prospects abroad. Aside from improving

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