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Lowering the Retirement Age for Goverment Workers urged by Civil Service Commission

MANILA — The Civil Service Commission recommended lawmakers to lower the required and optional retirement ages for public employees on Friday.

According to CSC commissioner Aileen Lizada, the statutory retirement age for government employees in the Philippines is currently 65, while the optional retirement age is 60.

She said in an interview; “I went around Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao nung 2019 and 99 or 98 percent po ng mga kawani ng gobyerno ay gusto na po ng optional retirement…Kasi ang iba ho pagod na, iba may sakit na, baka this is also good to infuse younger blood, younger generation. Give others who would like to retire a time for their family or a small business

“Kasi this one I think marami ho ang mag-a-avail…Tingnan ang ilang mawawala, baka konti na lang ang gagawin niyo or baka di na kayo tutuloy sa rightsizing.”

However, she continued, government must research its options for raising money for retirement benefits.

According to Lizada, there are almost 2 million employees of the government. There are “more than 150,000” open posts, while there are around 633,000 job orders and contracts of service, according to her.

“Ito ho ang clamor ng CSC noon pa, bakit ayaw niyong i-fill up ang positions ninyo, that’s why you’re hiring JOs and COS. Tingnan ho natin ang unfilled positions natin,” she said.


(This has long been the clamor of the CSC. Why don’t you fill up your positions and instead hire JOs and COS? Let’s look at our unfilled positions.) 

“In fairness to JOs and COS, ang iba ho 20, 30 years in service but when they retire they’re not considered as government employees so wala ho silang natatanggap na retirement pay.”

(Some JOs and COS have been in the service for 20, 30 years, but they’re not considered as government employees so they don’t receive retirement pay.) 

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