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Senior High School Voucher Application

The Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines offers a Senior High School (SHS) Voucher Program aimed at helping students cover the costs of their education. As we approach the new academic year, many students and parents are keen to understand how to apply for the DepEd voucher for Grade 12. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on the SHS voucher 2024 application, including the necessary requirements and the application process.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Getting access to quality education is essential for every student, regardless of their financial background. The Senior High School Voucher Program helps bridge the gap by offering financial assistance to incoming grade 11 students who want to enroll in private senior high schools. This program provides an opportunity for students to receive quality education without the burden of high tuition fees.

2. What is the Senior High School Voucher Program?

The DepEd Senior High School Voucher Program is a financial assistance initiative that allows students to enroll in private schools, state universities, or colleges offering SHS without bearing the full cost of tuition and other fees. This program aims to provide greater access to quality education for all Filipino students.

3. Eligibility Criteria for the Voucher Program

ELIGIBLE FOR Senior High School Voucher Program                                                                                        The following learners are eligible for the SHS VP:

  1. Learners who completed JHS in public schools operated by DepEd, or in public and private educational institutions not directly operated by DepEd but granted by DepEd with a permit or government recognition to operate, excluding homeschooling and Philippine Schools Overseas (PSOs).
  2. Learners who completed Grade 10 as passers of the Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency (ALS A&E) Test or as passers of the Presentation Portfolio Assessment.
  • Learners who completed Grade 10 as passers of the Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT).
  1. 1. Automatically Qualified Learners

Only Grade 10 completers who fall under the categories below automatically qualify for vouchers and are considered Qualified Voucher Recipients (QVRs), thus, do not need to apply for vouchers:

a. Category A: All Grade 10 completers from the preceding SY in Public Schools

b. Category B: All Grade 10 completers from the preceding SY in PrivateSchools who are ESC grantees

  1. Voucher Applicants

The learners in the categories below need to apply for vouchers and shall be refen-ed to as Voucher Applicants (VAs) whose application shall be evaluated using set parameters, and subject to the availability of funds:

  1. Category C: All Grade 10 completers from the preceding SY in Private Schools who are not ESC grantees
  2. b. Category D:All Grade 10 completers who completed Grade 10 prior to the previous SYs but not earlier than  2016 and  had  not previously enrolled for Grade 11
  1. Category £: Learners who bad passed the ALS A&E Test for Grade 10 not earlier than 2018 and had not previously enrolled for Grade  11, or ALS learners who passed  the Portfolio Assessment for Grade 10
  2. Category F: Learners who passed the PEPf for Grade 10 not earlier

than 2016 and had not previously enrolled for Grade 11, or leruners who will take the PEPT for Grade 10 in the upcoming SY

4. Benefits of the Voucher Program

The Senior High School Voucher Program offers several benefits to eligible students and their families:

  • Financial Assistance: The program provides financial assistance in the form of vouchers, helping to cover the costs of tuition and other school fees.
  • Access to Quality Education: By availing the voucher program, students gain access to quality education in private senior high schools that offer a wide range of educational programs and resources.
  • Freedom of School Choice: The voucher program allows students and their families to choose the private senior high school that best fits their educational needs and aspirations.
  • Enhanced Opportunities: Graduating from a private senior high school can open doors to better opportunities for further education and employment.
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5. Application Process for the Senior High School Voucher Program


Applications shall be submitted online via the Online Voucher Application Portal (OVAP) at https:/ /ovap.peac.org.ph. VAs are highly discouraged from submitting multiple applications. Manual applications and those submitted directly to DepEd shall not be accepted.

The table below enumerates the steps for online application.

Table 2. Voucher Annfication Procedure


Online Annllcation

1. Access OVAP at https:// ovap.peac.org.ph. Follow the instructions to create an OV/IP account.VAs must use a working email address they have access to.

NOTE: An account is not yet an application.

  1. Wait for a confirmation email that shall be sent to the VA’s email address. Upon receiptof the confirmation email,click on the linkprovided to access the OVAP asa registered user.
  2. Complete the electronic Voucher Application Form (VAF-1).VAs may do this in parts but must ensure changes are saved bv section.

Scan or take a picture and upload the following required documents in the OVAP:

1. Recent 2×2 colored ID photo

2. Notarized Affidavit* of occupation and income for ALL that apply: both parents, guardian/s, and other person/s helping send the VA to school, if any

3. Signed Parent Consent Form** for VAs below  18 years old at the time of the submission of the application.

4. Certificate of Financial Assistance.-received from the JHS, if applicable

5. Certificate of Rating or Certificate of Completion for Category E applicants; and Certificate of Rating for Categorv F applicants

6. Important Dates and Deadlines


VAs are advised to be mindful of significant dates in the SHS VP. Below is the schedule for SY 2024-2025 only:

Table 5. Schedule of (SHS VP Application implementation for SY 2024-2025



May 16, 2024

Start of voucher application period which includes VA OVAP Account Creation & Annlication Submission

June 02, 2024

Deadline for creation of accounts on OVAP


June 04, 2024

Deadline for for completion of applications on OVAP

July 12, 2024

Posting of application results in the QVA Account Panel

and start of voucher redemption

The schedule of SHS VP application for the succeeding school years shall be issued through a memorandum.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I apply for the Senior High School Voucher Program if I am currently enrolled in a public school?

A1: Yes, students currently enrolled in public schools are eligible to apply for the Senior High School Voucher Program provided they meet the other eligibility criteria.

Q2: Are there any fees or charges involved in applying for the voucher program?

A2: No, there are no fees or charges associated with the application process for the Senior High School Voucher Program. It is free to apply.

Q3: Can I transfer to another senior high school after availing the voucher program?

A3: Generally, the voucher is non-transferable to other senior high schools. It is issued for the specific school you enrolled in during the application process.

Q4: What if my household income exceeds the specified range for eligibility?

A4: The Senior High School Voucher Program is specifically designed to support financially disadvantaged students. If your household income exceeds the specified range, you may not be eligible for the program. However, it is advisable to check with the DepEd or the designated application center for any specific provisions or updates.

Q5: Can I still apply for the voucher program if I missed the application deadline?

A5: Unfortunately, late applications may not be accepted. It is important to submit your application within the specified deadline to be considered for the voucher program.

8. Tracking and results of your application


It is the responsibility of the VA to ensure that his or her application is complete, correct, and attested, and that it is received on or before the deadline. It is likewise the responsibility of the VA to track the status of the application. VAs may check the status of their application by accessing their account on OVAP.

For any inquiries on the application, VAs may email the PEAC National Secretariat at shsvp.application@peac.org.ph.


Results shall be posted on OVAP and may be accessed by VAs. VAs shall not be notified of the results; t is the responsibility of the VA to check the results of the application on OVAP. Announcements on the posting of results shall be made on the PEAC NS and DepEd websites, and other available media.

For V.As who fall under Categories E and F, being a QVA is conting(>.nt upon the results of the ALS A&E Test or Presentation Portfolio Assessment, and PEPT, respectively. VAs who has successful SHS VP applications but do not pass the ALS A&E Test or Presentation Portfolio Assessment, and PEPT in time for the upcoming SY shall not be entitled to voucher redemption and will not be VPBs.

Submission of additional supporting documents may be requested by DepEd, PEAC, and schools to support the details in the VA’s Notarized Affidavit, such as the parents’ Certificate of Employment, and Income Tax Return during the conduct of spot checks to ensure the veracity of the VA’s submission.


The Senior High School Voucher Program is a valuable opportunity for eligible students to access quality education in private senior high schools. By providing financial assistance, the program aims to alleviate the financial burden associated with tuition and other school fees. Make sure to carefully follow the application process, gather all the necessary documents, and submit your application on time. Stay updated with the important dates and deadlines, and utilize the voucher wisely once enrolled. By taking advantage of this program, you can pave the way for a brighter educational future.

Applicable Voucher Values

This amount is from 2023-2024 voucher application.

Apply here for the SHS voucher – https://ovap.peac.org.ph/

For any concerns and questions contact the PEAC below.

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