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Major Organs of the Body

Major Organs of the Human Body Lesson 14: Bones and Muscles

Bones, Joints and MusclesThe skull helps protect the brain. Ball-and-sockets joints protect the eyes. The backbones protect the spinal cord. The ribs form a protective cage around the heart and lungs. The pelvic bones support our body when we sit. The bones in our body are also connected with each other. The point where two bones meet and connect is called joint. Our joints and muscles allow our bones to move. The movements of our body originate in our joints. Muscles form the fleshy parts of the body. They enable our body to move. They also give shape and forms to our body and protect delicate organs. Muscles are voluntary or involuntary.

Bones, Joints and MusclesVoluntary muscles are attached to bones. They hold the bones of the skeleton and give shape to the body. The body moves with the help of these muscles. Voluntary muscles are muscles that you have the ability to consciously control, like your arms, legs, face muscles, etc.Involuntary muscles are controlled by nervous system and cannot be controlled like the smooth muscles in the walls of many internal organs such as stomach, esophagus, diaphragm and walls of the blood vessels.

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