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DLL Grade 4 Quarter 3 Week 8

Daily Lesson Log Grade 4 Third Quarter

In the Department of Education, a Daily Lesson Log (DLL) is a document that serves as a record or a daily plan of a teacher’s instruction for a specific subject or course. It is a written guide that outlines the topics to be covered in each class, the instructional materials and resources needed, the activities and strategies to be used, and the assessment tools to be implemented.

The DLL helps ensure that the teacher is prepared for each lesson and that the instruction is aligned with the curriculum and the learning objectives. It also provides a record of the teacher’s performance and serves as a basis for evaluating and improving the quality of instruction.

The Department of Education requires teachers to prepare a Daily Lesson Log for every subject or course they teach, which should be submitted to their respective school heads or supervisors for monitoring and evaluation. The DLL is an important tool for ensuring that the delivery of quality education to students.

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