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Grade 3 Science Quarter 4 PPT Types and effects of weather

Grade 3 Science Quarter 4 PPT

Exploring Weather: How It Affects Our Daily Lives

Today, let’s embark on an exciting journey to explore something we encounter every day but might not always think about: the weather. Weather plays a big role in our lives, influencing what we wear, what activities we can do, and even how we feel. So, let’s dive in and discover the different types of weather and how they affect us!

Sunny Days:

Picture a bright, sunny day with clear blue skies. This kind of weather is perfect for outdoor activities like playing soccer, going for a bike ride, or having a picnic in the park. But remember, too much sun can be harmful! Make sure to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s rays.

Rainy Days:

Rainy days can be cozy and fun too! It’s a great time to stay indoors and read a book, play board games with your family, or even bake cookies. If you do go outside, don’t forget your umbrella and raincoat to stay dry. Puddles can be lots of fun to splash in, but be careful not to slip!

Windy Days:

When the wind is blowing, it’s exciting to watch the trees sway and feel the breeze on your face. But strong winds can also be dangerous. They can knock over trees or blow objects around, so it’s important to be careful and avoid playing near big trees or tall buildings during windy weather.

Snowy Days:

Do you love building snowmen and having snowball fights? Snowy days are perfect for that! But remember to dress warmly in layers and wear gloves, a hat, and boots to stay cozy and dry. Snow can be slippery, so be careful when walking or running outside.

Foggy Days:

Foggy days can make everything look mysterious and magical. But they can also make it hard to see, so it’s important to be extra cautious when crossing the street or riding your bike. Stay close to grown-ups and always look both ways before crossing.


Thunderstorms can be loud and scary, but they’re also fascinating to watch from indoors. If there’s lightning, it’s safest to stay indoors and away from windows. You can use the time to cuddle up with a blanket and listen to the rain tapping on the roof.

No matter what the weather is like outside, there are always ways to have fun and stay safe. So, next time you look out the window, think about how the weather might affect your day and plan accordingly. And don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of nature, no matter what it brings!

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