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Psychosocial Support Activity Pack Teacher’s Guide

Psychosocial Support Activity Pack 
Teacher’s Guide

What is Psychosocial Support Activity Pack?

The Psychosocial support activity pack is a packet developed the department of education to help students recover from the impacts of disasters and/or emergencies, foster improved learning capacity and resilience. This packet is designed for teachers to bridge the healthy socio-emotional well-being to the school performance of learners, through psychosocial support activities, especially in the context of addressing the impact of disasters and/or emergencies.

The Department of education through the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service (DRRMS) together with MAGIS Creative Spaces, Inc., has developed the Psychosocial Support Activity Pack: A Teacher’s Guide (All Levels) to support and guide teachers in conducting psychosocial support activities for learners in in-person learning modality.

Psychosocial Support Activity Pack Teacher’s Guide

How to conduct the Psychosocial Support Activity for Teachers

What to do
This is a suggested guide to help you plan your time to integrate the following psychosocial support activities.

1. Greeting - Warm Greeting for the learners
2. Check - in - How is everyone today?
3. Use the Emoticon Chart -
a. Point to each emoticon. Ask who is feeling each emotion in class. b. Learners are not required to answer. c. All emotions are welcome.
4. Energy check - If the teacher notices the group lacks energy: do an energizer activity [See example in annex.] e.g. Tao Po! (for allages)
5. Set guidelines. - Set guidelines for the first session, and review before every succeeding session. (This is critical for classroom management.)
6. Main Activity - Introduce and conduct the main activity.
7. Synthesis - Synthesize learnings and re-emphasize important points about the theme [e.g. safety] through the wrap up discussion guide and key message.
8. Closing - It is very important to close with an uplifting or grounding activity (e.g., a song, dance, energizer, breathing). This is a good place to use your own energizer, dance or activity that reflects your specific culture.
9. Note Red Flags. - If you notice any red flags and that someone needs extra care, follow the agreed on protocols for reporting in your school for psychosocial support.

Visuals to Prepare in the Conduct of Psychosocial Support Activity

Emotions Chart
Create a poster that you can point to, or create a section on your blackboard where you can draw the emoticons
Ask learners to put their name under their most dominant feeling at any particular time.

Guidelines Chart
Create a poster where you have special guidelines for the play and art-based
activities you will do with your learners. Here is a sample:

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