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Grade 1 Quarter 3 Week 6 Activity Sheets

Grade 1 Quarter 3 Worksheets

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Grade 1 in department of education is an important time in a child's education. It is during this year that students develop foundational skills in literacy and numeracy that will serve as building blocks for their future academic success. One way to reinforce these skills is through the use of grade 1 activity sheets. In this blog post, we will explore some of the benefits of using activity sheets in grade 1 and provide examples of effective activities.

Benefits of Grade 1 Deped Activity Sheets:

  1. Reinforce Key Concepts: Activity sheets can be used to reinforce key concepts taught in class. For example, if students are learning about letter recognition, they can complete an activity sheet where they match uppercase and lowercase letters.

  2. Practice Skills: Activity sheets can provide students with the opportunity to practice skills independently. This can be particularly helpful for students who need extra support in certain areas.

  3. Improve Fine Motor Skills: Many activity sheets require students to cut, glue, and color. These tasks can help students develop fine motor skills, which are important for tasks such as writing.

  4. Increase Engagement: Activity sheets can be a fun and engaging way to learn. They often include colorful illustrations and games that can keep students motivated and interested.

Effective Grade 1 Deped Activity Sheet Activities:

  1. Alphabet Match: Provide students with an activity sheet that has both uppercase and lowercase letters scattered across the page. Have students cut out each letter and match them together. For added challenge, have students put the letters in alphabetical order.

  2. Counting Practice: Provide students with an activity sheet that has pictures of different objects, such as apples or pencils. Have students count the number of objects in each picture and write the number in the space provided.

  3. Sight Word Search: Provide students with an activity sheet that has a grid of letters and a list of sight words. Have students circle each sight word as they find it in the grid.

  4. Pattern Practice: Provide students with an activity sheet that has a pattern sequence, such as ABAB or AABB. Have students continue the pattern by coloring in the next shape according to the pattern.

  5. Word Family Sort: Provide students with an activity sheet that has a list of words with the same word family, such as -at or -an. Have students cut out each word and sort them into the correct word family category.


Deped Activity sheets can be a valuable tool for reinforcing concepts, practicing skills, improving fine motor skills, and increasing engagement in grade 1. By incorporating fun and effective activities, teachers can help their students develop the foundational skills they need to succeed academically.

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