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Homeroom Guidance Modules

The DepEd Homeroom Guidance modules is designed to develop the life skills among learners. Complete Homeroom Guidance Modules from 1st quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter and Fourth quarter. These modules are from the department of education. Download the Homeroom Guidance modules from Kindergarten to Senior high school below.

What Is DepEd Homeroom Guidance?

DepEd Homeroom Guidance, an integral part of the Philippine Department of Education’s educational system, plays a pivotal role in nurturing the academic and personal growth of students. It involves a structured and supportive approach where a designated teacher, known as a homeroom adviser, serves as a mentor and guide to a specific group of students throughout their academic journey. This program focuses on addressing not only the academic needs but also the socio-emotional development of students, ensuring their well-rounded growth.

Homeroom Guidance Modules 1st Quarter
Psychosocial Support Activity Pack Teacher’s Guide

Download the files below.

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