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Grade 4 Lesson Plans

Grade 4 lesson plan

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Creating effective lesson plans is essential for providing quality education, especially in the Grade Four curriculum under the Department of Education’s (DepEd) MATATAG program in the Philippines. This guide will delve into the importance of Grade Four lesson plans, their components, and how they align with the DepEd MATATAG curriculum to enhance learning outcomes.

The Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines has introduced the Matatag Curriculum for Grade Four students, which outlines specific learning competencies across various subjects. These competencies are designed to ensure that students acquire the essential skills and knowledge needed for their educational development. Here is an overview of the key learning competencies for Grade Four under the Matatag Curriculum:


  1. Reading Comprehension

    • Identify main ideas and supporting details.
    • Make inferences and draw conclusions.
    • Understand and interpret figurative language.
  2. Writing

    • Write coherent paragraphs and short compositions.
    • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
    • Organize ideas logically.
  3. Speaking and Listening

    • Participate in discussions and express ideas clearly.
    • Follow and give instructions accurately.
    • Use appropriate intonation and expression.


  1. Numbers and Number Sense

    • Understand and use place value for whole numbers and decimals.
    • Perform operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) with whole numbers and decimals.
  2. Measurement

    • Measure length, weight, volume, and time using appropriate units.
    • Convert measurements within the same system.
  3. Geometry

    • Identify and classify geometric figures.
    • Understand and use basic properties of shapes and angles.
  4. Patterns and Algebra

    • Recognize and extend patterns.
    • Understand the concept of variables and simple algebraic expressions.


  1. Life Science

    • Understand the characteristics and needs of living things.
    • Recognize the importance of the environment and conservation.
  2. Earth and Space Science

    • Describe weather patterns and seasons.
    • Understand the solar system and the Earth’s place in it.
  3. Physical Science

    • Explore the properties of matter and energy.
    • Understand basic concepts of force and motion.

Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies)

  1. Philippine History and Geography

    • Understand the historical events and figures that shaped the Philippines.
    • Recognize the geographic features of the Philippines and their impact on the people and culture.
  2. Civics and Culture

    • Understand the importance of civic responsibility and participation.
    • Appreciate the diverse

Grade 4 Lesson Plan for English Fantasy From Reality

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