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Self-Assessment Tool-RPMS (SAT-RPMS)

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• comprise self-assessment questionnaires within the RPMS designed for teachers
and master teachers
• can be used as a starting point for informal purposes of self-reflection to clarify
performance expectations and determine which competencies to focus on
• guide discussions about goal-setting and professional development needs

There are two SAT-RPMS tools:
1) SAT-RPMS for Teacher I-III (Proficient Teachers) and
2) SAT-RPMS for Master Teacher I-IV (Highly Proficient Teachers)
The Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT)
• The e-SAT is an electronic version of the SAT for RPMS.
• It is a self-assessment tool that helps teachers reflect on the different objectives
related to their professional work.
• The tool supports schools in analyzing school-wide SAT data of teachers to help
plan for teachers’ professional development.
• The results of the self-assessment will guide teachers on which RPMS objectives
they must improve and the areas where they need coaching and mentoring.
Download the Self-Assessment Tool-RPMS (SAT-RPMS) below!

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