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4Pics 1 Word is a word puzzle game. It is a word guessing game. the audience or participants are presented by four pictures and then the task is to guess what specific word fits with the theme of the photos presented.

This is another type of guess the picture or also known as Picture Reveal. The vibrant and lively colors in this powerpoint game template is perfect for young students. When the part of the picture is reveal is a corresponding sound that the students will enjoy also. Download the template in the yellow box below the image. 

Created by: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Picture Reveal Game is a popular game that consists of puzzle pieces covering a complete picture

To get clues, players have to answer corresponding questions on the board correctly. Their job is to try to open the pieces to guess what the picture is. 

Matching games are games that require players to match similar elements. Participants need to find a match for a word, picture, or card. 

In this powerpoint game template, you will open the two boxes by clicking it and check if you got similar picture. Click this link to know how it works and how you can edit the powerpoint game template. 

The top 5 Quiz Powerpoint Game template is a game where the participants (e.g students) need to give the top five answer on a particular question or topic. 

Each the answer is on the list of Top five the team will get a point depending on the weight given to the correct answer. The team who can get the highest score wins the game. 
Donwload here on the link the powerpoint game template.
Animated PowerPoint Timeline

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