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Psychosocial Support Activity Pack Teacher's Guide

SALN stands for Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth. It is a declaration of assets (i.e., land, vehicles, etc) and liabilities (i.e., loans, debts, etc), including business and financial interests, of an official/employee, of his or her spouse, and of his or her unmarried children under 18 years old still living in their parents’ households. The submission of a SALN is required by law under Article XI Section 17 of the 1987 Constitution and Section 8 of Republic Act No. 6713, the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for
Public Officials and Employees.

Deped School Safety Assessment Tool

The School Safety Assessment Tool (SSAT) shall be used to assess the readiness of the schools to participate in the conduct of the pilot implementation of face-to-face learning modality in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The data gathered shall be used as baseline information in preparation for the safe reopening of classes.

For a school to be eligible for the implementation of the face-to-face learning delivery modality, they need to meet all the indicators (YES to all indicators). In answering the SSAT, School Heads shall ensure that key stakeholders are consulted. The Schools Division Office (SDO) shall facilitate the administration of the tool to the nominated schools and shall create
a composite team who will conduct monitoring visits to validate the data and verify the results submitted by the schools.

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